Commercial Cleaning Companies

One of the first stuff an entrepreneur should think about regarding a housecleaning service is the time they have been available.

Our Services

We provide any gardening service imaginable, from a simple lawn mowing to a full-scale garden decoration.

Mowing & Cutting

We provide simple mowing and cutting services with modern machines. We keep the process simple and clean to ensure the best results for our customers.


Price: 50€ / hour

Flower & Cacti

We source the best seeds on the market, and handle the growing process with great care and attention to detail. This gets you the most magnificent plants.


Price: 60€ / hour

Vegetable Farming

With our vegetable farming you get a miniature or expanding farm of vegetables of your liking. We offer an organic option as well.


Price: 200€ / square meter

Garden Decoration

We are experts in garden decoration services of any scale, for your home and company garden alike. We do both ground-up garden decorations and makeovers.


Price: Contact us for a custom offer